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So now I’m off to purchase a canoe

August 23, 2011

Growing up in East Tennessee where lakes and rivers were abundant I used to love to canoe. I was so excited to hear recently that now I can canoe right here in my neighborhood of Southtown. In early August the San Antonio River Authority dropped its requirement that permits are needed to paddle on two […]

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Cevallos Lofts video featuring Southtown

August 7, 2011

Cevallos Lofts will be a great addition to Southtown. We’re excited to have all of the new neighbors moving in very soon. The sales team at Cevallos Lofts created this great video highlighting the great people and places that make up Southtown. Check it out. [youtube=] Be sure to visit their website as well. Cevallos […]

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I Bet You Tie Your Shoes Wrong

August 6, 2011

I love watching TED Talks because they’re often inspiring, visually awesome, and motivational. In this simple talk I was shown that I’ve been tying my shoes wrong all my life. How about you? Such a simple switch and you get far better results. Check it out. [youtube=]   Be sure to check out the full set […]

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Welcome New Neighbors to 1221 Broadway

August 1, 2011

The vacant building at 1221 Broadway now has new life. The first residents began moving in on Friday. Welcome new neighbors! New life for longtime eyesore First residents are moving into a long-unfinished, mixed-use development on Broadway. By Valentino Lucio – San Antonio Express-News  Monday 8/1/11   After sitting vacant for half a decade, the […]

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