Acapulco Drive Inn closes

Acapulco Drive Inn

Acapulco Drive Inn in Southtown

I have somewhat mixed emotions on the closing of Acapulco Drive Inn. On the days it was open (very sporadically) it was a great place for neighbors to gather and catch up. I have a couple of neighbors that swear their dog would not let them walk by without them first stopping for a beer. It was a great place to stop by before or after walking to NIOSA or other Fiesta Events.

If you’re looking for another great neighborhood ice house to fill the void be sure to check out The Friendly Spot Ice House in the heart of Southtown.

My hope is that the now vacant Acapulco will be taken over by another group that will fully utilize its prime location at the entrance of Southtown and add some vibrancy to the space.

This article in the Express-News does a good job of explaining the history of Acapulco Drive Inn, the role of an ice house, and the reason it is closing down.

Southtown’s Acapulco Drive Inn ice house closes

By Joel Williams Contributing Writer